The one to watch…Ready to cultivate the masses.

Chicago Tribune

…just as much fun to watch as to listen to.

Dallas Morning News

width=223Ashu’s clear pleasure in performing was infectious…he turned on the showmanship, darting his body left and right to the music, beseeching the heavens with tear-bright eyes and emoting like a pro…it was a treat to hear Ashu…Ibert’s Concertino da Camera was a playful, light-filled joy to hear, and the soaring exuberance of Paul Creston’s Sonata was so powerful it practically knocked you out of your chair…Ashu milked every last drop of feeling out of the music. There was never any doubt about Ashu’s remarkable virtuosity or his easy, natural sense of phrasing, both displayed to perfection.

Washington Post

In addition to Ashu’s phenomenal technique, he possesses a deep musicality which pours through his playing and hooks the audience…the audience has lobbied for a return engagement on the series. He’s a very engaging player – as much fun to watch as to listen to.

Chicago Tribune

Ashu is changing the world of classical music…

Detroit Monitor (2018)

a remarkable saxophone virtuoso…he is in perpetual motion on stage and has an ability to keep an audience totally enthralled, as he certainly did at Steinway Hall.

Robert Sherman, WQXR – Classical Radio for the NY Times

The ultimate show-and-tell artist…He’s the sizzle and the steak. In an era when concerts are too likely to be low-protein, one young American artist is offering generous double portions…Ashu charmed the audience with chatty comments, music full of bold, colorful personality, and an overwhelmingly beautiful sound. A human mobile, Ashu moves constantly as he plays…Ashu created not just environments but also entire worlds. (read more)

Palm Beach Post

An extraordinary artist…played so lovingly…indeed a terrific player, wonderful artist, and virtuoso…a pleasure to hear music so well played…glorious!

John Corigliano, Pulitzer Prize and Oscar winning composer

Ashu has developed a trailblazing career as the first and only full-time concert saxophone soloist…If music could rise to the heavens, Ashu and his music took us there. The superlatives of the English language don’t give us the words…he gave voice to notes we never could have imagined. His high notes could be strong and clear or they could fade into the softest whispers of lightness. The low notes were robust and strong. It seemed that the man and his instrument were all dancing the tango. His feet danced, his shoulders moved with the music and the audience was treated to an amazing trio of tangos. The sounds were clear and loaded with emotion…he was so gifted in his interpretations and musicianship that he left us all in awe of his amazing talent.

Journal Standard (2018)

Riveting…Brilliant…Pizzazz to burn!…Great rhythmic flair…lovely singing line….very attractive sound…gives the impression of great freedom…

National Public Radio “Performance Today”

Ashu is musical passion personified…a bright young man musically mature well beyond his years…he has a heart for music and a soul filled with passion…his music was brilliant, flawless and inspiring. As he concluded his performance, you could see in his eyes and you could hear through his saxophone the true nature of this bright and shining star.

– Vision Magazine

Not hesitant to wear his heart on his sleeve, he built the phrases with such intensity and passion that he wooed the crowd. It was his natural connection with his instruments, though, that made his music personal. The instruments were an extension of Ashu. He played in a conversational style. Toss in a little showmanship with a few adroit moves and a personable manner, and the audience was charmed….Ashu was like a racing flame with fingers and tongue flying. His tone was mellow and smooth…Besides a formidable technique that was as agile as it was flawless, he has a way with a lyrical line…Pitch and breath control were exceptional…He was very comfortable with his program, which he did from memory…The audience jumped to its feet…Ashu electrified the crowd with even more fiery runs and taunting twists and turns. (Click here for full review)

The Daily Gazette

…a brilliant musician. His control over the instrument, his intensity, the breathtaking fingering of the keys, his clear ability to ‘feel’ the composer’s emotional intent, all kept the full attention of the audience. Ashu was one with his instrument and played it easily, despite the obvious challenges of the composition…The young artist then took the microphone to express his appreciation…his delightful personality captivated the audience. The next selection lent strength to the genius of the artist. At the conclusion, the audience was quick to rise in a standing ovation. (Click here to read more)

Roswell Daily Record

If listening to this doesn’t take your breath away, somebody needs to take your temperature.

– John Farrer, The Californian

Ashu performed to a sell-out crowd…From the standing ovation, to the shouts of appreciation, Ashu wowed the crowd. Ashu played with the intensity and focus of a marathon runner. His feet never stopped moving throughout the show. Often, his eyes would close and seemingly take him to a far off place where only his music existed. Ashu’s interpretations were lyrical and other times danceable — and always with great emotion….the music he played seemed to defy definition. After the concert, Ashu was accessible and gracious…taking the time to talk with interested fans, pose for photos and sign autographs.

The Herald-Dispatch

Irresistible, sublimely beautiful and mesmerizing, wrapped in a confident stage presence that demanded your attention and convinced you that the saxophone had every right to share the stage with instruments that predate it by centuries. Ashu produced alternately silky and buttery tones. His sax sounded more like a voice than an instrument, reciting its own poetry…a passionate performance…a powerful voice in classical music.

Arizona Daily Star

The Charlotte Symphony featured a brilliant saxophone soloist, Ashu, a 24-year-old already known worldwide. Ashu’s lithe body movements and dramatic facial expressions combined with his staccato saxophone notes to evoke the suspense of the film. He demonstrated how sweet an alto sax can sound, as well as his profound fingering dexterity…his solo replete with subtle phrasings…The audience’s response was overwhelming in its approval. As an encore, Ashu played a work which he orchestrated…Ashu’s lyrical solo sparkled with romantic flourishes, glissandos, technical brilliance and tonal perfection.

Charlotte Sun

The audience in Ainay, France had the great pleasure of hearing the top American saxophonist in a fully packed hall. Ashu was in truly top form tonight. Upon opening the first piece, one was immediately struck by his brilliant tone and technique mastery. He plays with a sound and a sensitivity which emanates freely from his body, as if in a perpetual movement. It is truly a joy to watch and his fresh, eclectic program warms the heart. Ashu has truly placed the bar very high as the opening concert of the festival. [translated from French] (Click here for full article)

– Le Berry Républicain

Ashu dazzled the audience…with his ability to make the alto sax fall into soft, soft whispers, then weave quixotically around a bed of string instruments, and then suggest rather firmly that you listen to its emotional outbreaks. Ashu, a top-caliber saxophonist with plenty of stage presence to boot, boasts a decidedly rich, wonderful tone. Beyond that very buttery sound, Ashu shows a spectacular range, hitting that seemingly unreachable high note…and then bringing the instrument down to a whisper…as his fingers flew over the keys for both pieces. (Click here for full article)

– Times Record News

Ashu is a charm, his soul and body perform when he plays saxophone, with fantastic energetics and shining in his eyes. He impresses even those who may be skeptical…transmitting the music itself.

– Irina Nikitina, Playbill Arts

Ashu cut a lively, animated figure…as he mesmerized the audience with slippery glissandos and ferocious arpeggios. He never missed a beat as he deftly played his way through this frantic, unforgiving piece, joyfully sliding from note to note…leaving the audience breathless and standing in applause. The cadenza, which seemed to explore the entire range of the instrument, was especially engaging. With impeccable attacks and a creamy-soft, wistful sound…Ashu breezed through its limpid, lyrical passages with velvety tone and supple legato.

Steve Siegel, The Morning Call

The highlight of the evening was saxophonist Ashu…he performed with emotional fire and was a true showman.

– Mikko Vehkapera, Lapin Kansa

The audience was ecstatic. Ashu made the classical music loving audience cry…After the performance, the artist received a standing ovation.

– Chinara Sultanalieva, The Expert Kyrgyzstane

Ashu beguiled a large audience with a remarkable display of virtuosity and versatility. Ashu is a showman, but he is also an unusually gifted musician. Brilliant, lyrical, expressive, romantic…Ashu gave a totally compelling performance…playing with great verve and physical energy..

– IOL Independent Online

Ashu was the shining star…the varying moods and tempos of this complex piece clearly represented Ashu’s exceptional musical abilities. Only 24, Ashu has a resume that could make a concert saxophonist twice his age envious…


…a really sensational musician.

Christopher Rouse,

Pulitzer Prize winning composer

Ashu plays with great technical skill and irresistible verve. He has a delightfully flamboyant and uninhibited stage presence. At times he looked as if he might break into a dance….[Ashu] gripped the orchestra and the audience. At the end there were whoops of joy and foot stamping from the delighted audience.

ArtSmart (South Africa)

Very impressive and artistic – a real virtuoso

Leonard Hokanson,

internationally recognized concert pianist, recordings on EMI, RCA, DG, Sony

…the American Ashu thrilled the jam-packed hall…

Der Tagesspiegel

Ashu is a world-class musician. His musicianship on alto saxophone dazzles audiences. 

Jeffrey Bell-Hanson, Music Director, KSO

…A brilliant concert saxophonist…


…Ashu is a great audience pleaser…[he] established a fine rapport with the audience while introducing the compositions he played. Ashu’s repertoire is hugely varied…played with a technique that must be the envy of older players. The end of the concert came almost too soon, as does all good things.

Ocean City Sentinel

Its treacherous moments of virtuosity were easily negotiated by Ashu, while the slow section was expressively interpreted…with soulful solos by the saxophone…once more, Ashu displayed his mastery.

Palm Beach Daily News

Excellent stage presence…Very exciting for the audience…lovely opening…well thought phrases….Good character in music.

Gail Williams,

internationally recognized French hornist and assoc. principal with Chicago Symphony

Very poised…remarkable technique…a fine musician.

Henry Charles Smith,

Minnesota SO resident conductor and solo trombonist of the Philadelphia Orchestra

Superior in every aspect.

Christopher Weait,

internationally recognized bassoon recording artist

Lots of imagination! [He] makes this piece interesting.

Doriot Anthony Dwyer,

principal flutist Boston Symphony Orchestra (1952-1990)