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We were so lucky to be able to see you at Thaxted this evening. An inspiring concert: you have such a great rapport with the audience and obviously enjoyed yourself. Your standing ovation was richly deserved – a great programme and such brilliant playing. I can’t stop grinning!

Clare (London, UK) (2019)

A girlfriend of mine and I fell in love with you! We attended your Naumburg Central Park Concert in NYC. Thank you for a most beautiful summer evening in the park!
Annie (New York, NY) (2019)

Many thanks for a wonderful evening at Thaxted last Sunday. It was a thrilling performance! Best of luck in the future.
Pam (London, UK) (2019)

Hi, i would just like to thank you for coming giving us perhaps one of the best performances I have seen. I’m sorry for the googly-eyes in the front row but you’re just so AWESOME. You’re amazing, and i hope to see you soon. Thank you!
Love,The prettier one,
Brittney (San Francisco, CA) (2019)

It’s like you came out of nowhere, and from what I’ve heard, went up against some pretty prestigious pianists and violinists and just blew them out of the water. Incredible! There is a question which I’m sure you have heard a thousand times: When are you releasing your CD? I really can’t hold off much longer! I appreciate your time and I hope to see you here sometime!!
Thank you,
Kevin (Zurich, Switzerland) (2019)

Dear Ashu,
I attended the concert earlier tonight in Pretoria, South Africa. I just want to say that I am in awe about your talent and the way you performed the music. Never in my life have I seen that a musician play with his whole heart the way you did tonight. And I mean it. Tonight was one of those experiences in life that I shall think about often and carry in my heart forever. It was one of those heavenly musical moments on earth. Often musicians give a perfect concert, but with only the correct notes and nothing more. Your performance was passionate as well as perfect. I just joined your facebook page and will follow your musical career with a smile in my heart and a smile on my face.
Best wishes
EK (Pretoria, South Africa) (2019)

We have just attended your absolutely brilliant concert at Thaxted, thank you so much for coming to the UK, I wish you much success in the future and hope you will return to the Thaxted Festival soon
Jan (London, UK) (2019)

Hi Ashu,
This is the first time I am e-mailing you. I have just completed my graduation and love to sing. Your site is amazing and at your age you have created miracles. I have seen your photos and you are so cute! I have never seen you in performance but I’ve heard lots of great comments. Can you plesae let me know me when I can come see you in concert. Anyways I hope you will mail me back.
Love, Pam (Tokyo, Japan) (2019)

We were walking through Central Park, New York, when we heard the most wonderful saxophone sound – I said to my wife that is definitely not a busker (WOW). We sat and listened to your rehearsal and then came to the concert that evening. I would like to thank you sincerely for your performance!! I have played Clarinet and Saxophone for more than 50 years and your performance was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. Thank you once again and I hope that some time we will be able to attend another one of your concerts
-Gordon, from England (London, UK) (2019)

Dear Ashu,
Today, after hearing your interview on Canada CBC radio, I couldn’t reach your website fast enough! How wonderful to hear more! As a teacher, I found it so inspiring that now I am torn: between your pending performance at St. James United Church Thursday and a performance for which I already have tickets!
Veronica (Montreal, Canada) (2019)

Dear Ashu, I heard you play tonight at Thaxted and thought you were absolutely wonderful. Come again soon please.
Margaret (London, UK) (2019)

Hi, I saw your concert in NY Central Park, at the Bandshell. Fantastic! I am now a fan!
Clifford (New York, NY) (2018)

Hi, I just wanted to say that your music is just absolutely beautiful. I love listening to it! I go to your site almost everyday to hear it. I especially love the song on your homepage! I’m sure that I’m not the only person who has been inspired by your wonderful playing. I was just wondering, what inspired you to be this amazing saxophone player? How’d you do it. Well, thank you so much for taking the time to answer my e-mail, it means a lot to me. I really appreciate it!
Robyn (Berlin, Germany) (2018)

Hi Ashu
I loved your performance at the NY Central Park Naumburg Bandshell. Are you going to perform again in New York City soon?
Good luck, Manuela (New York, NY) (2018)

Ashu – I saw your concert at the Kravis Center. I just want to say that I have never been moved like that before. I feel like I know you so well. You are truly a master and inspiration. Thank you very much. I look forward to attending your next concert. Hopefully we can meet afterwards and I can express my gratitude in person.
In anticipation,
Mark (Kravis Center, FL)

Ashu – I saw your concert at the Kravis Center. I just want to say that I have never been moved like that before. I feel like I know you so well. You are truly a master and inspiration. Thank you very much. I look forward to attending your next concert. Hopefully we can meet afterwards and I can express my gratitude in person.
In anticipation,
Mark (Kravis Center, FL)

Ashu – I heard about you from a friend who told me I should go and look you up because you are amazing, and now I see what he was talking about. There are no words to explain the amazement that came over me when I listened to your music. I really can’t explain the feeling that overwhelmed me from that first song. You are truly amazing and you have truly inspired me. Thank you very much for pleasuring me with your beautiful playing. Write me back please!!! – Thanks!
Josh (Reno, NV) (2018)

Thank you for such an incredible performance on Saturday night and for the autograph after the concert. The joy and enthusiasm you radiated on stage really captivated the audience. Who knew the saxophone could sound so beautiful! Your program was great and I really loved the Piazzolla suite you did. You looked great on stage and had the audience in the palm of your hand. You’re wonderful and best of luck with everything. When will you be coming out with a CD??
Come back soon!
Elizabeth (Washington, D.C.) (2018)

Dear Ashu,
Last night we had the privilege of hearing and seeing you perform the Ibert sax Concerto with our orchestra. Since we were sitting in the front row, we were able to observe the intensity and passion you have for the music. You seem to truly love it. It shows and the audience can feel it. We enjoy many types of music, but have only recently started listening to classical music. We have never heard anything like your playing. Your performance was absolutely spectacular! We had a really great time and hope to bring our friends next time you’re here. I think it may take someone like you with a real passion to make more people know how amazing the saxophone can sound. Keep it up and don’t let anyone discourage you.
Patricia and Dennis (St. Petersburg, Russia) (2018)

Fabulous concert at Festival Amadeus! We hope you enjoyed your visit and will come back.
-Andy (Missoula, MT) (2018)

I attended your Ocean Grove, NJ concert last night prepared to leave at the intermission, but left only when you left the stage, wishing for more encores. Your tone, your virtuosity, your passion, your repertoire, your delivery and your command of both instruments were remarkable. Yes, as much a pleasure to watch as to listen to. You made a “believer” out of a “non-believer”–in the saxophone that is. Thank you for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Irwin (Ocean Grove, NJ) (2018)

Dear Ashu,
Just wanted to send a note to you to tell you that I was mesmerized with your performance in Ocean Grove. I spoke with you briefly. I was the one who said, “I’ve heard the sax many times before. But tonight I fell in love with it!” I suspect this is what you hope to do with those who come to your concerts. I just say bravo to all that is said about you.
Thanks for your wonderful gift.
Ron (Ocean Grove, NJ) (2018)

I am writing this from Japan. I’m a big fan of you. I watched you playing Rachmaninov at youtube. Fantastic. Rafmaninov cello sonata is my fevorite to play. Very difficult, deep, and really beautiful. Always challenging to me. What are you thinking when you are play Rafmaninov? Are you coming to Japan someday? I want to listen directly. Anyway, I’m saying I am so moved. Thank you.
Sato (Tokyo, Japan) (2018)

Hi Ashu
First of all I would just like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your performance on Saturday in Pretoria. I was a bit too pale after hearing you play and did not quite have the mindset to talk to you after the show. I felt like I was in 10 different places at the same time!!! I found your playing and interpretation truly inspiring and I really appreciate what you are doing for classical saxophone.I think you had a truly appreciative audience and we all would love to hear your playing again. Thank you… It really meant a lot to me and I will probably never forget it.
Kind Regards
BV (Pretoria, S. Africa) (2018)

Hi Ashu
I spoke to you quickly after your concert in Cape Town last night. Thanks again for a riveting performance! Such a pity you didn’t play the whole evening.
My friend and I should have invited you to check out some local music J. Just checked out your site. Weird, I also wanted to be an archaeologist and Dostoevsky is my favourite author. Play a little bit of tenor myself, but nothing to speak of.
Ronelle (Cape Town, S. Africa) (2018)

Dear Ashu,
I attended your concert in Montreal this past Thursday with 4 of my friends and just wanted to say we were blown away by your performance. We particularly loved the soprano saxophone for the Piazzolla piece. I hope you come back to Montreal soon. Best of luck with your career!
Wendy (Montreal, Canada) (2018)

Hello Ashu!
I heard your concert from 25th on May in the St. Petersburg Hermitage theatre. I remember your performance and my heart is full. I am glad and happy meeting you! I want to keep in contact, if it is possible.
Kathy (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Hey Ashu
I heard you in the City Hall in Cape Town (South Africa) last night. Your performance was moving and inspirational. It was an exceptional concert and certainly my personal highlight of the year. It was also cool to say hi (albeit briefly) at the reception after the concert. Thanks for blessing us with your talents and please come back.
Nick (Cape Town, S. Africa)

I just got home from your amazing performance, it was really great that my friends and I got a chance to meet you. Your arrangement of your last piece really took my breath away. Thank you for a great performance!
~Megan (Ravinia Festival, IL)

Dear Ashu,
Im living in this beautiful country South Africa. I listened with intent and was deeply moved.
Your incredible, visit again soon.
Vanessa (Durban, S. Africa)

I attended your concert tonight in Montreal. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! My friend and I hope you will return to our city many many many more times. Thank you for such beautiful music.
Suzanne (Montreal, Canada)

Hi Ashu,
Caught your gig in Cape Town tonight and am amazed! Would love to buy some recordings of you- is there something avail? Thank you for a wonderful performance- very moving.
Catherine (Cape Town, S. Africa)

Hello, Ashu! I am 15 years old. I leave in Bishkek and playing on violine 8 years. I saw your show, and me very like!
uuljan (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan)

Hey Ashu..
I got to know about how talented you are by searching the internet. I listen to your music all the time. You know what…it’s addictive.
All the best..
Abbot (Seattle, WA)

Dear Ashu
I feel very privileged to have attended the pre-concert talk last night and then the concert – Thank you so much for that wonderful performance that sent shivers up and down my spine. I hope you will visit us again.
Margaret (Seattle, WA)

Truly fantastic performance last night at the Sondheim… hope you return one day to perform gain…
Bob (Fairfield, IA)

Dear Ashu,
Again, thank you for bringing your most beautiful music to the Sondheim Theatre in Fairfield Iowa tonight. We cried, we laughed, we deeply felt your music.

Please let me know when you have a CD. We look forward to having you here with us again. With great thanks and appreciation,
Nadine (Atlanta, GA)

Hey, I just saw you tonight at Shorter University. You are truly talented. I really enjoyed your performance.
Brandon (Atlanta, GA)

I really enjoyed your performance last evening at Covenant College (Lookout Mountain, GA). I am older than most who were in attendance and I can say that you have appeal for all ages. I am so glad I looked on your website and could enjoy your music at home. I would like to purchase a CD if you come out with one. Thanks not only for your excellent music but also for the enjoyable commentary. Best wishes for a bright and shining future.
Janice (Atlanta, GA)

Hi Ashu!
Just saw your performance in Kalispell, MT. Amazing!! You are inspirational. Do you have a CD? If not, you need to start putting one together and selling them at your concerts. Many people in the lobby tonight would have bought one. Keep playing the way you do & come back to Kalispell soon!
Mary (Kalispell, MT)

Hi Ashu – just a quick note to tell you how much I and my friend enjoyed your program in our little theatre this week, Sept. 26 in Haliburton. You were very kind to compliment us on our gorgeous scenery, which Of course we love. We were delighted that you had time to look around before your concert. I likely wouldn’t go to a solo sax concert, but I was really impressed with your technical facility, the choice of music and your ability to communicate your love of the music.
Thank you for making a difference. (Ontario, Canada)

I just returned from your incredible peformance this evening here in Haliburton. What an experience! How do I get a recording of your music? Do you have any CD’s?
Rgds, Barrie (Haliburton, Canada)

An absolutly incredible performer. You play with such ease,that it defies the fact that you are performing such demanding pieces. I would like to know what equipment you use,and who did you study with. Wishing you continued success and good health.
Gene (Minneapolis, MN)

Dear Ashu,
As a fellow saxophonist, I wanted to let you know that I am a big fan of yours. Bravo on your clear, bold sound and impeccable technique. (Also bravo on they depth of your repertoire …)
Kind regards
Brian (Washington, D.C.)

Hi there. How are you doing? The way you make music is breathtaking. You play with so much personality and it was great meeting you afterwards. I truly believe that you are doing an incredible job. You are a splendid artist and you should be very proud of your talents. Thank you so much for your time and please keep up the fantastic work. Best of luck to you always! Take care and have a nice day.
Jim (Ravinia Festival, IL)

Hi Ashu,
Great concert last night in Santa Fe! I enjoyed meeting you. My wife, the two friends I brought, and I all had a great night thanks to you…keep up the great work, you are an inspiration to saxophonists and music lovers both!
Matthew (Santa Fe, NM)

I heard some sound clips from your website. They are fascinating. One of the most beautiful pieces is Cinema Paradiso (arr. Ashu) for soprano saxophone. I am really fascinated by your achievements, a very good website as well. Keep it up, I am sure you’re best saxophonist in the world.
Yours faithfully,
Angelo (Miami, FL)

I just wanted to say that I really love hearing you play. Your musicality and passion when you play is awe-inspiring. I hope that after a few years of practice, I can become at least one-fourth of the player that you are. I hope that you will continue to play and inspire more people just like you did to me.
Thank you for reading this and answering my questions!!!
Jeffrey (Philadelphia, PA)

GREAT performance last night!! Thanks for coming and can’t wait to hear you next season! One of the best concerts I’ve heard in a really long time!
Derek (Santa Fe, NM)

Your performance at the Placitas Artists Series concert last Sunday was stunning! What a gifted musician you are!
Mary (Placitas, NM)

I thought you were a knockout in Tucson.
Thanks. Yours truly,
John (Tucson, AZ)

Hi Ashu,
Just visited your Web Page. It looks great and is so much fun to visit and what I appreciate the most: it’s so honest and sincere. Thank you again for playing for us in “provincial” Carlsbad. The artist’s reception after wards was great. It gave all of us a chance to get to know you! How wonderful! I wish you extremely well on your musical and artistic journey throughout this world and may you experience ever deeper levels of joy and contentment.
Camila (San Diego, CA)

Thank you very much for coming to our town to perform with The Great Falls Symphony. You brought a lot of passion to the stage. I hope you liked our movie themed concert. I thought your playing of the “Catch Me if You Can” music was especially riveting. I hope we meet again someday, until then…
Josephine (Great Falls, MT)

We enjoyed your concert performance in Great Falls tremendously! Thanks!!!
Thank you very much.
James (Great Falls, MT)

Your performance was incredible in Great Falls on Saturday. I played the saxophone in high school and college, and was once told that when you listen to someone play so beautifully as you did, it makes you want to go pick up your instrument and play. When I heard you play, I found myself wanting to pick up the horn again. I might add that when I heard that you had done a master class here, I was a little envious that no one of your caliber came when I was in high school. I like the fact that we have another artist to listen to. I have always wanted more quality artists like Glenn Gould, and think it is wonderful that you have come along to add to it.
Thank you.
A.C. (Great Falls, MT)

You were one of the best soloists we’ve ever had – such a pleasant young man on top of being a super musician.
Janelle (Great Falls, MT)

I had the privilege of listening to your performance tonight on our Lindsey Wilson College campus, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciated your artistry, skills, and demeanor. I am so happy you came to our campus and shared your expertise; rarely have I seen anyone captivate an audience the way you did on this wintry-line evening.
Continued successes, sir; you were wonderful.
Fred (Louisville, KY)

I heard you play at the Chicago Cultural Center and was completely swept away! How can I purchase one of your CDs?
Linda (Chicago, IL)

Ashu, thank you for your extraordinary performance in Rochester on Saturday evening. My wife, son, his friend, and I very much enjoyed your performance. It was inspired. Our son is a senior at the local High School. Thank you again for coming to Rochester.
Paul (Rochester, MN)

I want to say thank you for the music that you have on your site and tell you that I think that you are a really great musician. It has been really inspiring to me to go to your website and listen to how much feeling you play into your music.
Roger (Munich, Germany)

Ashu, I hope you are fine. I like your music more than anything. I want to say that I listen to your music almost every day. Today is my birthday – I wish I could hear your music in person. That’s why I am writing in hope you will at least read this. Take care of yourself may god fulfill your life with happiness.
Tkash (Moscow, Russia)

Ashu, your music has indeed left me inspired. The talents you exhibit through performing give me renewed drive to push my hardest to become the best musician that I can be. While I have a way to go before I can play like you, I know I can commit myself to getting there. I am glad that I could talk to you directly like this. I do believe that it shows a certain special quality in your personality, to respond to your fans. Maybe someday in the future, you’ll see me playing somewhere. Until that day, take care!
-Paul (San Francisco, CA)

Hi Ashu,
I saw your video clip and was really impressed! I love your music selection, it seems like most saxophonists today don’t play good pieces like the Demersseman or arrangements such as Piazzolla pieces. Well, you certainly know how to please an audience. I can tell that you really love what you do. Keep up the good work, and keep performing and promoting good music!
Jason (New York, NY)

Thanks for playing with the Symphony of Southeast Texas last night. Amazing!!
Joanna (Houston, TX)

Wow….listening to your sound clips, truly amazing, and still so young! keep up the great work!! Again, ur a great saxophone player!
Scott (Detroit, MI)

I attended your concert at the Kravis Center in West Palm Beach this past Monday and thoroughly enjoyed it! You were wonderful. I hope you come back again soon. I love the beautiful piece playing on your homepage.! Keep up the good work! Thanks for coming to West Palm Beach!!!
Adrienne (Kravis Center, FL)

My name is Jin and I am from S.Korea. I very much love classical music and I think that you are the best classical saxophonist in all of the world. Thank you for your music.
Jin (Seoul, S. Korea)

I remember you as a little kid at Interlochen. Good to see you kept with the sax. Best wishes for you. Keep up the extrodinary work.
Mark (Detroit, MI)

We were Thrilled with your concert tonight and so were our friends. We look forward to your continued success. Do you have any CDs available?
Morris (Washington, D.C.)

Dear Ashu,
It was a pleasure meeting you and an ever grander pleasure to enjoy your music – thank you. Please e-mail me when you are going to Vienna – maybe I am there and can enjoy another concert with you – for sure I want to tell my friends and family.
Eliza (Vienna, Austria)

Hey man, i just wanna say that i extremely love your music. Thank you so much for being a great sax player so that you can lead others to being the same.
God bless, Shaquille (Houston, TX)

Thank you for performing in Detroit last weekend. Seeing you perform was simply the greatest concert-going experience I’ve ever had! Each piece was so moving, especially the Rachmainoff. I really hope you will be coming again next year. Please let me know if you will, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Do you plan on making a CD sometime soon?
Katie (Detroit, MI)

Your concert in Oak Park last weekend was a real treat. The audience was riveted. My 12 year old son, not a musician or even interested in music and who I pushed into attending (and who I promised could leave at intermission), stayed the entire evening without a word of protest. At home, he said he really enjoyed it and asked if he could learn to play. That’s making a difference in a life!
Thank you for what you do.
Lucia (Chicago, IL)

I just want to say your recordings I have heard on your site are incredible!
Ron (Sydney, Australia)

Hey Ashu!
I just wanted to thank you coming to play for us and for the masterclass. I was so inspired by your playing! All I want to do is practice now! Thinking about the concert, I can’t help but smile. Your masterclass was terrific! I love how you feel the music and it’s never mechanical in any way. It’s almost like you’re dancing with it… well thank you so much for coming. It was a privilege! I look forward to your coming back here. Keep up the good work.
–Jason (Phoenix, AZ)

Your music is awesome!
Eric (Los Angeles, CA)

We heard you play in Roswell, New Mexico Saturday night. It was fantastic!!!
Robert (Roswell, NM)

Ashu, I heard your recital at Carlsbad last night. Wow. Gorgeous playing. I loved your arrangement of the Andante movement of Rachmaninoff’s Cello Sonata. Thanks for coming to La Jolla to perform.
Mark (San Diego, CA)

Dear Ashu, I have heard your wonderful performance of Fantasie by Jules Demersseman. You have such a great energy when you are on stage!
C.I. (Melbourne, Australia)

Hello Ashu–
WOW. Your concert on Friday was just fascinating. Thank you for the autograph and the picture I took with you! It was actually my first classical music concert, I usually only go to pop concerts and jazz concerts. I had no idea the saxophone could sound like that!! Please let me know when you will be coming back and you can be sure I’ll be there!
Pat (Washington, D.C.)

We played together at Interlochen. You sound incredible! (You always did.) I was just telling my wife about you last night and how you inspired me . It’s great to see your success. Keep it up!
Jason (Los Angeles, CA)

Hey Ashu, I love your interpretation of Bordel 1900…great emotions and music – thank you! Please play a concert in Belgium
Barbara (Brussels, Belgium)

hello Ashu..
You have a very beautiful sound on the sax. I really love it. I love your Bordel 1900 and Demeresmen Fantasie videos – I absolutely love them. When i see you play I can see how the music is inside you…your movments are so natural and you just feel it
Hope to see your concert very soon
Wojtek (Warsaw, Poland)

Ashu, I just came across two examples of your playing on YouTube. Amazing! I don’t know if I have heard the soprano and alto played that well before. The fact that you can perform as you do on such a basic setup is testimony to your artistry. I can see the secret is in the man behind the instrument.
Thanks again.
Bill (Baltimore, MD)

Dear Ashu,
You are just awesome and last night’s performance was such a wonderful time for our entire family. When will you be coming back??
All our love,
Sarah and Arno (San Antonio, TX)

Dear Ashu:
My daughter and I had a wonderful time at your concert last weekend. You are an inspiration to young and old alike. You really look like you are having the time of your life.
It is great to see such vitality and pure enjoyment . We hope to see you again soon!
Ronna (Baltimore, MD)

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