California Tour
San Francisco, San Jose, Bay Area, etc:
DSC01277 DSC01278 DSC01281
Fisherman's Wharf Looking down Street vendor
DSC01288 DSC01292 DSC01296
San Francisco flowers More flowers Stopping traffic
DSC01298 DSC01304 DSC01309
Pier Looking back Alcatraz Island from afar
DSC01310 DSC01318 DSC01333
Alcatraz Island closer The cells Looking for food
DSC01337 DSC01358 DSC01368
Bread and sauce Enjoying the view Golden Gate Bridge
DSC01370 DSC01359 DSC01375
Closer view and further Hill amidst the city
Southern California: Los Angeles, Pasadena, Hemet, etc:
1 2 DSC01728
The concert hall Newspaper review Southern California
DSC01730 DSC01747 DSC01825
In the hills Smoky mountain Taiko drums
DSC01839 DSC01846 DSC01848
The hall Morning kid's concert Los Angeles hills
DSC01851 DSC01857 DSC09736
California palm trees Hotel towel origami Host's dogs
DSC099982 DSC0999821 DSC09999818
Afternoon concert banner Another recital hall From the airplane
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